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in vain I have struggled

Slowly I am starting to unclench.  Had a pretty productive weekend.  Finished application #15, worked on this Brahms piece, ran four miles straight again for the first time in forever.  Also took my bike to the bike shop to get tuned up after wiping off 8 years worth of insect casings and cobwebs.  It is a good thing that I am not scared of spiders because they were really fighting to keep the bike.  Three times, I picked off dried up bundles of legs only to have them come back to life and desperately crawl back to their old home.  It would have been more convenient if I were as fearless of bike riding as I am of the bugs/arachnids.  If memory serves, I am only able to stay upright while riding in a straight line, on completely smooth surfaces.  Will maybe try it out tonight, I guess.  Am pretty desperate for more excuses to get out of the house. 

In that spirit, have managed to drag myself to the gym a few times a week.  I go to group fitness classes that are largely attended by the same group of grown-up ladies.   Most of them look really "together," "wearing full faces of make-up and a different color coordinated outfit every class.  A couple of them might even be what some people (not me) would consider "MILF"s.   I suppose I look pretty scrubby compared to them, with my bleach-stained XL t-shirts and stinky soccer shorts that I have never worn to play soccer because I have never played soccer in my life.   I only feel hideous when I look at this one red-headed girl, though.  She's one of the few other women in their 20s, and she is so beautiful I want to yank on her ponytail as hard as I can.  I want to snatch that minx baldheaded!  Maybe then she wouldn't constantly gaze at her reflection with such wonderment.  But I shouldn't blame her; if I looked like that I'd love mirrors too.  I myself am not hating mirrors as as I did a few weeks ago.   Thanks to the exercise and cutting back on the daily cake, my legs are regaining some of their powerful, chunky glory. 

Since my last report of animals sighted while walking Bosco, I've seen like, a billion rabbits, 5 run-over birds, 3 groundhogs, and 1 beautiful shiny garter snake that flicked its cute forked tongue at me.  I also saw again what a large, active population of black vultures we have in the area.  Walked by no fewer than 16 picking over a fresh deer carcass on someone's yard.  It looked like something out of the Serengeti. It's really not their fault, but vultures are quite off-putting birds!  If consulted, I'd suggest that they could improve their public image if they sported some prettier looking plumage. 


You are so good, not to get squeamed out over snakes and spiders. I might need to recruit you when I begin my life of adventure. All the really exciting places are jam-packed with snakes and spiders. Fear of snakes and spiders is the only thing preventing me from my life of adventure. Or so I like to think.
I'm fine with snakes and spiders, yes, but not frogs/toads. If you can take care of those, I'd be happy being Clark to your Lewis!

it will not do

i'm in love with a redheaded girl myself! does your girl have freckles as well?

good luck with the bike. i was kind of surprised you had one.

and good luck with the frogs on your adventures. i saw a whole exhibit of them recently, and tried to conjure up what horror you feel, but could not. they are just frogs.

Re: it will not do

yes. she does. she could play pepper potts.

oh god, does india have a lot of frogs? Those poor, poor people!

Re: it will not do

i think india is mostly monkeys and peacocks. damn peacocks, worse than roosters.

ummmm...no, i'm thinking the frog exhibit was in new orleans, but now i can't remember. i only remember thinking of you, summoning up a slight revulsion at its slimy gloaty look. it was this summer...why can't i remember?

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